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"...no time. The sweepers are coming..."

It's the year 7204. The 7th Cyber War has just ended, and what's left of the population has either uploaded themselves to the virtual reality network or worked to maintain its servers.

"...I..I don't want to forget..."

A terminal opened up as you tried to recall who you are and what you do.

"Save CHIBI" - it said - "Time is running out"

But who is CHIBI?

Find out about this world and yourself with the various commands provided by your terminal:

- Work

- Watch DemTube

- Read incoming logs

- Decrypt the archive

- Decode files

and more.

Unlock secret correspondence. Obtain confidential information. Even with this, it will not be easy to fulfill your mission.

3 days.

Press help to get started.


From CHIBI is a text-based adventure game in which your only source of information and means of survival is via a computer terminal,  built to perform only a limited number of commands.

Find out about the world of 7204 as seen through hidden correspondence between cohabitants, and figure out the truth about your "mission".

This game features a decent amount of reading, cool music and a dedicated save/load system to help you in your quest for the truth.


Disclaimer: All names, addresses, entities and events in this game are purely fictional and any resemblance to real world humans, addresses, entities and events are coincidental and unintended.

Install instructions

Win: Unzip, then click .exe file

Mac: Unzip, unzip the .zip, then click .app file


(Latest) (win) fromchibi_win.zip 46 MB
(Latest) (mac) fromchibi_mac.zip 48 MB

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Great concept! The amount of depth this thing has surprised me a lot, and the time I spent figuring it out was definitely worth it.


Thank you for sticking with it until the end :D Glad the journey paid off for you.