A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Woke up with no memories.

Met an equally amnesiac virtual assistant.

Made to play a game (?) by a stranger behind a screen.

"I will be the one to win this bet, no matter how obvious it is to me."

Will you understand?

What will your answer be to the game?


Jupiter questions the possibility of the line between humans and AIs blurring to the point of nonexistent, in a world where people have different answers to the same question. Get a glimpse of a series of events shaped by complexes and hatred and unfold the truth hidden behind the "game".

This game features:

- A decent read for an hour or two, plus extra

- Simple moving puzzles during your exploration

- 3 different endings

- A dedicated saving system


Disclaimer: All names, addresses, entities and events in this game are purely fictional and any resemblance to real world humans, addresses, entities and events are coincidental and unintended.


Update (1.0.4 - 3/7/20): Fix moving and reset bug

Update (1.0.5 - 8/8/20): Save data to user path, add Mac version

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip and click .exe file.

Mac: Unzip, then unzip the .zip inside, then click .app file.


Jupiter_v1.0.5_win.zip 33 MB
Jupiter_v1.0.5_mac.zip 35 MB

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