A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

(Global Game Jam 2021 - a little running game about a lost puppy)


MOCHI (programmer) https://mochimochi95.itch.io/

CREE (art & animation) https://twitter.com/CreeDraws

NOVA (art & animation) https://driftingnova.itch.io/

WANDER (art & background) https://www.instagram.com/egg.tart.art/

RUTH (art & animation) https://twitter.com/maplejade_art

CHARLIE (music) https://soundcloud.com/playmeapiece

Install instructions

Unzip and click executable


LostPuppyWantedWin.zip 38 MB
LostPuppyWantedMac.zip 40 MB


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Really nice short game, the music is really REALLY good and goes well with running from the pup, that I must also mention, looks amazing, sometimes the text goes on too fast and can't actually read it  but otherwise pretty solid game, good job.

Thank you for the comments & the video!! Your feedback has been received, glad you had a great time with the music :D